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Best GetResponse Alternatives in 2023

Best GetResponse Alternatives


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brevo vs mailchimp

Brevo (Previously) Sendinblue

A great no-credit-card-needed free plan and very affordable paid plans. Simple, sleek design which is easy-to-use, even for beginners


For the more serious email marketer. Paid plans start at $29 but allow unlimited emails along with other powerful features such as social media integration and automation.


More affordable option for unlimited monthly sends at just $19 per month for 1,001 – 2,000 contacts. Premium plans include Landing Pages and Automation Workflows.


Paid plans for up to 2,500 subscribers start at just $22.50, with up to 3 users on your account plus 24/7 support.


CRM included and a generous marketing package at the lower levels, starting at just $20 per month.

Exploring the Best GetResponse Alternatives

GetResponse has carved its niche as an integrated email service provider (ESP), serving businesses with a blend of automation, detailed analytics, and landing page functionalities. It’s user-friendly design coupled with a plethora of professional features has made it a go-to for many SMBs.

Yet, despite its prominence in the email marketing realm, it’s not the sole contender offering top-tier email services.

In this piece, we’ll unearth several worthy GetResponse competitors, each bringing its unique features to the table, often with pricing models that might be more wallet-friendly for some.

But before diving deep into these alternatives, let’s shed some light on GetResponse’s offerings.

GetResponse: The Good and the Bad

Irrespective of your business’s size or scale, there’s undoubtedly a GetResponse alternative tailored for you. But, let’s understand GetResponse better by dissecting its advantages and drawbacks:

Strengths of GetResponse

  • User Experience: Noted for its intuitive interface, GetResponse appeals to users, regardless of their tech-savviness.
  • Automated Tools: Boasts of robust autoresponders and a myriad of activation triggers, enabling complex, multi-level automation processes.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms, CRM software, social networks, and more.
  • In-depth Analytics: Offers comprehensive analytics, emphasizing conversion and e-commerce tracking.
  • Reliable Support: Users benefit from a resourceful knowledge base, engaging video walkthroughs, and prompt email and live chat assistance.

Drawbacks of GetResponse

  • Deliverability Concerns: Its email deliverability, when stacked against peers, has room for improvement.
  • Premium Pricing: While rich in features, accessing advanced tools can stretch your budget.
  • Segmentation Hitches: Some users felt GetResponse’s audience segmentation tools are a tad restrictive when juxtaposed with other platforms.

Unveiling Top Contenders: GetResponse Rivals

(See Plan)
Encompasses advanced automation, analytics, list management, and a free CRM. However, the email builder might require a learning curve. More cost-effective than GetResponse.Starts at $25/month
(See Plan)
Budget-friendly with pro features. Some usability issues with email and landing page builders.Starts at $9/month
(See Plan)
Offers complimentary email marketing and CRM. Highly intuitive but pricier when accessing advanced tools.Starts from $20/month
(See Plan)
User-friendly with robust support. Features include sales tracking and landing pages. Lingo might confound newbies, and deliverability could be better.Starts at $19.99/month
(See Plan)
Known for its exquisite email design and automation prowess. A tad complex for newcomers and leans on the pricier side.Starts at $39/month
Constant Contact
(See Plan)
Easy navigation, albeit with a mundane interface. Features include social media tools, logo creation, and digital product sales.Starts at $12/month
(See Plan)
User-friendly drag-and-drop builder. Packed with e-commerce-centric tools, many of which are available in the free tier.Starts at $16/month
(See Plan)
An ideal pick for beginners. Outstanding email and landing page designers. Lack of templates on the free tier and somewhat basic automation.Starts at $15/month
(See Plan)
Not the most straightforward editor. Limited designs, but offers landing page templates and free ESP migration. Also facilitates digital product sales.Starts at $15/month

1. Brevo

Brevo stands out as an exhaustive marketing platform catering to a bucketload of services from email marketing, SMS outreach, to an integrated CRM. One of its standout offerings is a bounteous free tier which enables users to dispatch up to 300 emails daily.

brevo Best GetResponse Alternatives

Insight into Brevo’s Offerings:

  • Robust Automation: The platform shines with its automated email cascades, features for transactional emails, lead procurement, and US-centric SMS services.
  • In-depth Analytics: Gain insights through detailed analytics and evaluate your email campaigns’ efficiency.
  • Creative Freedom: Select from a myriad of ready-made email blueprints and design configurations.
  • Ecommerce Centricity: Seamless integration with leading ecommerce giants like Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Economical Plans: Unlike GetResponse, Brevo’s free version showers you with a vast spectrum of automation functionalities and no cap on contact limits.

Areas Needing Refinement:

  • Ecommerce Facets: Brevo’s repertoire lacks the provision to vend digital goods.
  • Email Reach: Brevo could up its game in the email deliverability domain, based on our latest evaluations.

Budget Insights Plans commence from a mere $25/month.

Interested? Dive into our comprehensive Brevo pricing breakdown.

Join Brevo’s Free Plan here

2. Moosend

Targeting startups and small businesses, Moosend presents an integrated email toolset that doesn’t skimp on advanced features, even at a modest $9/month.

moosend Best GetResponse Alternatives

Standout Features:

  • Insightful Analytics: Stay updated with real-time data on campaign performance, from open rates to user locations.
  • Automation Ease: Set up complex automations effortlessly with their predefined workflows.
  • Stellar Support: They offer phone support, a crucial factor for many.

Room for Enhancement:

  • Flexibility in Integrations: Their third-party app connections are somewhat limited.
  • Plan Diversity: The absence of a free plan might deter some users.

Price: Starts from $9/month. Experience Moosend with a 30-day free trial.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot isn’t just about email marketing; it’s an all-encompassing platform that drives growth across marketing, sales, and service verticals.

hubspot Best GetResponse Alternatives

Standout Features:

  • All-Purpose Solution: A CRM, analytics tool, sales aid, and more – all under one roof.
  • Website Wiz: Analytical tools and optimization features ensure your website’s peak performance.
  • Sales and Service Prowess: From closing deals to stellar customer service, they have tools for every need.

Room for Enhancement:

  • Steep Progression: The transition from basic to the Professional plan comes with a significant cost leap.
  • Branding Hurdles: Removing HubSpot’s branding from various touchpoints comes at an extra cost.

Cost: Starts from $20/month. Delve deeper into HubSpot’s pricing.

Try HubSpot for free (No Credit Card required)

4. AWeber

AWeber, with its rich history spanning two decades, is a household name in email marketing. The platform offers a comprehensive suite encompassing email automation, detailed analytics, and a variety of integrations with other business-centric tools.

aweber Best GetResponse Alternatives

AWeber’s Impressive Arsenal:

  • Automation Excellence: They proudly herald the autoresponder as their brainchild. However, the triggers are confined to list subscriptions or specific tag assignments.
  • Campaign Insights: Facets like A/B testing, email metrics, and conversion tracking offer invaluable insights.
  • Template Diversity: Choose from an expansive collection of pre-configured templates, adaptable for numerous occasions.
  • E-commerce Facets: Their tie-up with PayPal enables businesses to market their offerings via emails and dedicated sales landing pages. Plus, track all PayPal transactions within the AWeber console.
  • Support Par Excellence: Count on their proactive and adept customer support. First-timers benefit from resources like video guides, informational articles, and podcasts.

Scope for Enhancement:

  • Subscriber Policies: Billing for unsubscribed users seems a tad unjust.
  • Value Proposition: When juxtaposed with peers, their pricing feels on the steeper side.

Financial Overview Plans kick off at $19.99/month.

For an exhaustive understanding, delve into our AWeber pricing guide.

Join AWeber’s Free Plan here

5. ActiveCampaign

We’re confident in pronouncing ActiveCampaign as a superlative player in the email marketing realm – our accolades to them affirm this. This holistic marketing software, from crafting landing pages to its comprehensive CRM, has etched a mark, making it an unparalleled choice for enterprises, irrespective of scale (granted, a considerable email marketing budget is a must).

activecampaign Best GetResponse Alternatives

Diving Deep into ActiveCampaign’s Capabilities:

  • Peerless Email Automation: Automated user tagging based on their activity, A/B testing facilities, and intricate timed automation workflows. Their tool also excels in segmentation and deal management automation.
  • Multifaceted Marketing Toolset: Incorporates live website chat, SMS promotions, Facebook Custom Audience targeting, and “site messages” for tailoring web content.
  • Sound CRM & Sales Facets: Facilitates efficient lead movement through sales funnels ensuring conversion.
  • Stellar Deliverability: Their consistency in deliverability metrics is praiseworthy.

Room for Betterment:

  • Missing Free Tier: Their offerings commence with a trial period, absent a fully free plan – a feature seen in competitors like GetResponse.
  • Hidden Costs: Limited to five email previews/tests monthly, which is exclusive of the Lite plan, incurring additional charges – a rare stance in the market!

Pricing Insights Email Marketing packages begin at $39/month.

For a detailed view, explore our ActiveCampaign pricing documentation.

Get ActiveCampaign’s 14-day free trial

6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact, established in 1995, boasts a long-standing reputation in the realm of email marketing. They shine particularly in the areas of deliverability and app integrations – supporting connections with over 270 apps. While there’s potential to up their game in email automation, there’s no doubt that they have a loyal small-business following. Let’s delve into why!

constant contact constantcontact Best GetResponse Alternatives

Standout Features:

  • Event Mastery: Through its Eventbrite partnership, promoting events and overseeing registrations is a breeze.
  • All-in-One Digital Marketing: Manage your social media campaigns and even craft your unique logo right from their platform.
  • Design Flexibility: With over 200 templates and a unique branding-focused template generator, customization is at your fingertips.

Room for Enhancement:

  • Automation Scope: There’s a need for more intricate automation flows.
  • Value Proposition: Their pricing seems steep, especially when compared to competitors.

Investment: Starts from $12/month.

See Constant Contact’s Plans

7. Omnisend

Omnisend stands tall as a tailored email marketing automation suite for e-commerce enthusiasts. With a repertoire ranging from emails, SMS, to web push alerts, coupled with advanced automation and segmentation, it’s a power-packed solution. Its ability to embed products within newsletters, unique email enhancements like scratch-offs and gift boxes, all under its free plan, is truly commendable.

omnisend Best GetResponse Alternatives

Omnisend’s Power-packed Features:

  • Email Prowess: With a handy drag-and-drop editor, sophisticated automation streams, and list segmentation, Omnisend is a force to reckon with.
  • SMS Outreach: In-built SMS tools to facilitate messaging campaigns.
  • E-commerce Symbiosis: Integrates seamlessly with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.
  • Web Push Notifications: Enables web visitor alerts.

Areas to Polish:

  • Email Reach: Omnisend needs to bolster its deliverability metrics.
  • Subscriber Insights: A lack of geographical and social data on subscribers is felt.

Pricing Overview Subscriptions start at $16/month.

See Omnisends Plans

8. MailerLite

Touted as a budget-friendly and intuitive email marketing instrument, MailerLite stands as a beacon for budding entrepreneurs. Its innate simplicity in designing emails and landing pages, elemental email automation mechanisms, and insights – all available at no extra charge – make it a fan favorite.

mailerlite Best GetResponse Alternatives

MailerLite’s Standout Features:

  • User-Centric Design: Renowned for its simplicity, it’s arguably one of the most straightforward tools we’ve scrutinized.
  • Top-tier Delivery: In our email outreach tests, MailerLite emerged as a front-runner.
  • Automation for All: Its gratis version boasts a visually appealing email automation designer and unlimited automation tiers.
  • Landing Page Magic: Experience a stellar, cost-free landing page creator.
  • Design Galore: Access a plethora of contemporary pre-configured email and landing page designs (on premium tiers). Even the free tier doesn’t disappoint in design versatility.
  • Cost Efficacy: With a zero-cost tier catering to up to 1,000 subscribers, it’s a boon for businesses monitoring their marketing budgets.
  • Free Learning: MailerLite Academy is accessible even on the free tier, paving the way for users to attain MailerLite email marketing certification.

Wish List Improvements:

  • Linguistic Options: Recent revamps in their platform led to the omission of four previously supported languages – a setback for current patrons.
  • Analytical Depth: A broader spectrum of reporting and contact handling features is missed.

Pricing Breakdown Starting from just $15/month.

See MailerLite’s Plans

9. ConvertKit

Tailored for bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and course designers, ConvertKit zeroes in on strengthening creator-audience ties and capitalizing on email marketing.

convertkit convert kit Best GetResponse Alternatives

Standout Features:

  • Monetization Tools: From a unique “tip jar” to paid newsletters, monetizing content is straightforward.
  • Streamlined Automations: From sequences to A/B testing (limited to subject lines), automation is simplified.
  • Engagement Tools: A robust tagging system and an easy-to-use landing page editor enhance user engagement.

Room for Enhancement:

  • Data Depth: The absence of advanced reporting features like geo-tracking can be felt.
  • Design Dilemma: A focus on text-heavy email templates limits design creativity.

Investment: Starts from $15/month. Unearth ConvertKit’s pricing nuances.

Spotlight on Free GetResponse Counterparts:

GetResponse’s complimentary tier offers a glimpse into their Email Marketing suite. However, if you’re scouting for a free alternative with more robust features, consider:

  • Brevo: The best free plan out there, in our opnion. Unlimited subscribers and a really straightforward Interface with plenty of professional templates.
  • MailerLite: Boasting a 1,000 subscriber cap and 12,000 monthly sends, they also extend automation and landing page perks.
  • Omnisend: Their free tier is packed with features, from emails to user segmentation. Notably, they offer unlimited contacts but limit monthly sends to 500.

In Summary

The digital landscape brims with alternatives to GetResponse, each bringing its unique strengths. Depending on your budget and feature needs, there’s a tool out there for every business.

With most extending free trials or tiers, testing waters has never been easier. Go ahead, embark on a trial spree!

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